Guided 7-Day Whole Foods Cleanse

Feel Better, Sleep Deeper, Get More Energy, Lose Weight!

Ready to refresh, revitalize and renew yourself?
Willing to shift the way you fuel and nourish in new ways?

{yes? yes!}


(your seasonal detox solution)

Not feeling as good as you want to?  Looking at the shorts and bathing suits and feeling the eye roll kick right in?  Wondering what you can do to get you mojo back?

Friend, Isn’t it time you felt fabulous again?

Trust me- I’ve been in your shoes. I’m  living an everyday, ordinary (extraordinary) life, just like you. I work hard, balance family and commitments, and never have enough hours in the day.  I know the reality of fatigue, utter exhaustion, insomnia and weight gain.  I survived cancer and have 15 years of living with a chronic autoimmune condition under my belt – so, truth -- I know what navigating the waters is like and I can tell you (and I know, you know!) it’s not easy.  Thing is, I ended most of my struggles, and I’ve learned how to hit the reset button for a new, healthier life.  I feel better, sleep deeper, weigh less and have more energy.


You can too. I’m sharing my secrets with you, so you can feel and look your best this Summer.

Get ready to:

--> Nourish your body in new ways

--> Eat really tasty, really real whole foods -- beautiful veg, juicy fruits, whole grains and clean proteins

--> Kick your sugar habit to the curb

--> Get back on track with healthy habits

--> Lose between 2-12 pounds (based on real results from past participants)




This is Your Solution
A flawless fit if you want to:
♥ Ditch afternoon crash+burn
♥ Lose weight naturally
♥ Reduce belly bloat 
♥ Improve digestion

♥ Look and feel lighter
♥ Reduce toxic load

(+ the extra pounds it keeps on)
♥ Crank up your metabolism {{big time}}

This is for YOU
No matter where you’re starting:
♥ if you’re the one on the couch struggling with chronic pain 
♥ if you’re working sun-up to sun-down & can’t seem to find time for your health
♥ if you’re trying on diets and not having the success you want… 
♥ if you're on cruise control & ready for a change

This can be YOUR experience

Prior participants successes:
♥ Weight loss (3-10 lbs average)
♥ Food fuels vs food fouls
♥ Regular bowel movements
♥ More energy
♥ Stronger nails
♥ Glowing skin
Sugar cravings drop

♥ Sleep Improves
♥ Stress is less stressful!

Early Bird offer ends on July 12th!

Scroll down and register today!

The Summer Reset Virtual Group opens on Thursday, July 13, 2017 with a training call.

The Guided 7-Day Cleanse begins on Monday, July 17th. 

(if you can't make those dates, know that everything is recorded so you can access it at your convenience)

Materials, recipes, handouts,
online support, and daily group coaching from me are valued at $500.

You’ll get everything listed above for just $97.

{plus a bounty of super sweet bonuses!}

You need to know more... I get it.  Let's run it down:

What makes this program different?

  1. It’s a safe and effective detox based on the elimination diet – a 3-prong approach to detoxing your body.
  2. You’ll know where to focus and have a good idea of what categories of food work for your body and which inflame you.
  3. And what’s more – you will be supported and coached every step of the way!  I’ll be doing the program with you, emailing you and being fully present to support you on your private group forum.

Have you ever wondered why you see the same people at the gym, day after day, year after year… looking pretty much the same as they did when you first saw them… they’re certainly not slacking because you see them sweating it out and logging their time on the treadmill, elliptical and weight machines.  What's happening is that they may be working out in the wrong ways, perhaps at the wrong times or for the wrong length of time so they’re experiencing a physical roadblock.  It's common and it prevents so many of us from reaching our goals. 

Thing is, there's also likely a deeper cause?  Chronic, systemic inflammation; low metabolic rate; and/or a response by the body to a lifetime of toxic exposure can make weight balancing and good health really challenging.  Remove the foods, products and processes that are keeping you in the inflammatory cycle and you've got yourself the makings of a detox.

A detox focuses on releasing the toxins your body takes in from your day-to-day interactions with metals, chemicals found in cleaning products, food and drink, etc.

In the RESET, we’re ditching the fads, fasting, pills, and powders, and focusing instead on improving your digestion. You’ll eat whole, seasonal foods that are designed to support your body’s natural processes of detoxification and cleansing.

  • Your energy will balance and you may feel younger
  • You may hit your weight loss goals with more grace & ease
  • Your relationship with food may become less of a battle and more of a partnership
  • You can wipe the slate clean and give your body a fresh start for the season.




The Reset with Sarah is not a typical detox plan...
  -> it is not deprivation or calorie counting.  
  -> it is not based on powders or pills. 
  -> it is not a one size fits all, do-it-my-way program.
  -> it's a solid 7-day detox with lots of extras available for you, to you and designed to support you -- YOU decide what you need, what fits in your life and your with your schedule

The Reset with Sarah is designed for you...
  -> it is a combination of delicious food AND delicious daily self-care practices. 
  -> it is recipes that are nutritious and easy to make.
  -> it is simple, supported and scrumptious.
  -> it is a proven program with hundreds of successful alumni, season after season.  

From start to finish, you are connected with your own Rockin' Holistic Health Coach.  Sarah is involved daily, and stays on call, ready to guide you and happily cheer you on every step of the way.  

With the Reset, you get more than recipes and a plan... Sarah is YOUR Holistic Health Coach and you will see and feel the difference that support and 110% dedication to your success makes!

♥  Stop putting yourself and your health last on the list.  
♥  You owe it to yourself, your beautiful, deserving, do-it-all self!  You deserve this.  
♥  Release the fears about dieting and deprivation.  THIS IS NOT THAT.   If you love real food, whole food, easy/quick/good food... if you love simple solutions and need something that will fit seamlessly into your busy life, then THIS IS FOR YOU!  

Join me, and you will have my support every step of the way!

You're only a few clicks away from YOUR SEASONAL SOLUTION, so let's go over the details.


♥  PREP -- You have 4 days of early access to the forum. 4 days to read your materials, shop for groceries and taper off things like caffeine and sugar. 4 days to ask questions. 4 days to work on clearly defining your motivation and your goals.  These days do not have planned meals, but do have guidance to help you reduce your processed foods and sugar (these 2 things alone help most people feel better!)

♥  CLEANSE -- 7 Days focused on Clean Eating, Gut Health and Getting Back Your GLOW.  During this phase you will enjoy a variety of fruits, veggies and clean protein while avoiding the top 7 known allergens.  

♥   TRANSITION --  This is a BONUS 7 Days with Coach Sarah.  Stay with it, and go a little deeper if you have the time. During these 7 Days you add foods back into your diet and see how they make you feel.  This phase is optional, but the body can give very clear signs on what it finds nourishing and irritating so if you can, please plan to stick with phase 3.  In fact, many participants find it helpful to extend Phase 3 if they are struggling with food allergies and sensitivities.  By extending Phase 3 you are able to do some sleuthing and really figure out what works for your body and what doesn't.  Coach Sarah will help you navigate this option if you are interested in extending Phase 3.

♥ LAUNCH --  Fist bumps, pats on the back and congratulations all around!  Recap your experience and plan your next steps.  What Reset practices will you keep in your daily routine and what will you pop back in the toolbox for another day?  What foods will be in your weekly lineup and what ones will you leave on the shelf?  We'll wrap up in fine style and you'll Launch feeling confident, radiant and accomplished!


♥  Detox Prep Plan -- This hits your inbox as soon as you sign up! Your detox prep plan includes pre-cleansing instructions, goal setting and some simple daily detox practices too.

 Your Complete Reset Manual -- this is a step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to do the detox in a safe and natural way.   Everything is spelled out for you here -- from what to eat, and what to avoid to easy daily detox exercises and practices -- this resource begs you to sit down with a cup of tea! Also included is a pull-out shopping list, your daily instructions, and FAQs.

♥  Recipe Guide -- You get ALL-NEW seasonal recipes! Summer includes over 60 scrumptious recipes that will improve digestion, decrease inflammation, and keep you feeling satisfied

♥  Detox Diary and Journal -- your space to record your experiences during the cleanse.  Doodle space, prompts, trackers and checkboxes... it's all here for your enjoyment!

♥  Daily Email Support -- Just like it sounds, I will email you daily to provide support & accountability



♥  ROCKSTAR  $97

You will receive:

1.  a welcome email
2.  links to access all of your materials on the opening day of the program
3.  daily email support -- this sequence starts when the program opens. It matches the program phases and takes you step by step, day by day from beginning to end!   


Seasonal materials are available on the First Day of the each Season.
You will have immediate access to the RESET RESOURCE LIBRARY and RESET-TRIBE Forum.

You get a proven formula, your own health coach, plus all of the incredible materials that make being healthy as easy as 1-2-3!  You’re going to love it!


1. It is simple.clean.eating.that.tastes.great&works. 
2. It empowers YOU with the right tools for gentle, safe, healthy detoxification.

3. It teaches you how to use whole foods  to nourish your body.  
No pills or powders or extra purchases. 

4. It's Seasonal.  The recipes feature seasonal foods that help balance the body.  

5. It's fully loaded.  You deserve a program loaded with all the recipes and step-by-step instructions you need to naturally detox – one you can use over and over again throughout the entire season to refresh and reboot.

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